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110mm White Soil

110mm White Soil

We stock a smaller quantity of the less popular white soil. That said, we do stock the full range that is available including double branches, tight angles and bosses. A small word of caution, in our experience, white is less robust at holding its colour when compared to black or grey. However, when on the inside of a building, it holds its own as a more clinical and clean looking pipe, whether you are using it for soil or some form of ducting. 


80% of the fittings are Brett Martin, but if they don't do what you need, we also offer Polypipe and Kalsi! That way we have what you need, whether its something as simple as a 110mm bend, or as rare a a 110mm quadruple socket corner branch!

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To find via SATNAV use the postcode DA2 6EJ which takes you to our entrance in Salisbury Road. Call 01322 625884 to speak to one of our advisors.

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