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Adoptable Bases

Adoptable Bases

Does your drain run need an ADOPTABLE manhole?


Fret not! We have two sizes available both 450mm and 315mm

See the article below, and if you need them - we've got them.

To find via SATNAV use the postcode DA2 6EJ which takes you to our entrance in Salisbury Road. Call 01322 625884 to speak to one of our advisors.

Thompson and Leigh is THE place for your SEWER, FOUL OR LAND DRAINAGE in London and Kent!!!



Following the publication of Sewers for Adoption 7 (SfA7) outlining revised performance criteria, newly-defined design detailing and installation standards for all adoptable drainage networks – including manholes and inspection chambers,  Brett Martin has developed a range of Adoptable Inspection and Access Chamber Assemblies in 315mm and 450mm diameters.  This ensures our full offering of Inspection and Access Chambers satisfy the requirements set out in Sewers for Adoption 7 (SfA7) and Building Regulations Part H1.  This range holds BSI Kitemark KM 635998. For more information download the Access and Inspection Chambers brochure. A range of Lids and Frames is also available including the 50kN round and square heavy duty options available for the 450mm Inspection Chamber Assemblies

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