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Easy Access Shower Glass

Easy Access Shower Glass

We have put together four visually stunning options for shower glass, each has its own personal unique selling points, in brief, this section includes the following options:

Allasio: A simple and stunning section of glass mounted on to a hinged profile allowing the user to move the glass in or out depending on the situation, allows for easy access to the showering area and helps contain significant water spray,

Cannes: A stunning section of fixed glass, available in options of 8 or 10mm glass.

Sanidoor: A great way to contain water spray, available in two or four door options, the doors are hinged so they can be moved out of the way as required, ideal for assisted showering requirements.

Low Threshold Shower: An ideal option for people that like to feel fully enclosed in a shower, the threshold is lower than standard shower doors reducing the risk of trips and falls.