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Order Panel A

Order Panel A

Panel A is your main piece of glass, this panel needs to be wide enough to prevent the majority of shower-spray ingressing onto your bath or shower room floor, whilst still allowing adequate access for you to enter your walk-in shower comfortably. The size of your access area is something that you have to decide upon based on your own personal requirements, as a rough guide we would recommend a minimum access point of 500mm. These walk-in panels are manufactured from 8mm toughened safety glass which has been treated with an AllClear® coating to help reduce soap scum and limescale deposits and boasts PureVue HD which is optically superior low iron glass. 

  • Silver Profile.
  • Height 2000mm.
  • Fully reversible profiles.
  • 8mm or 10mm glass options available.
  • Suitable for both shower tray and wetroom installations.
  • AllClear® helps to repel soap scum and limescale deposits.
  • PureVue HD high quality, optically superior ‘low-iron’ glass.
  • Lifetime guarantee on the product and 3 years on AllClear® glass coating.

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