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Protector & Sundry Fittings

Protector & Sundry Fittings

Fed up with clogged gutters?


Take a look at our porcupipe gutter protection system. Easy to fit--once you're up there! Just lays in the gutter and prevents leaves clogging it.

Need to divert rainwater to your water butt?

Try out rainsaver rainwater diverter. It fits to most 68mm round and 65mm square downpipe. Once your storage is full, it diverts back down the pipe.

After an adaptor to take your downpipe to drainage?

No problem! We can do that with square or round.


To find via SATNAV use the postcode DA2 6EJ which takes you to our entrance in Salisbury Road. Call 01322 625884 to speak to one of our advisors.

Thompson and Leigh is THE place for your SEWER, FOUL OR LAND DRAINAGE in London and Kent!!!



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