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Rafter Brackets

Rafter Brackets

Use rafter brackets where you haven't got a fascia board to screw directly to. Top rafter brackets screw directly onto the top of the roof's rafter, side rafter brackets screw to the side. Both of these types of bracket still require a further gutter bracket to be purchased to complete the installation. So, for instance, if you have a need to fix to the side of your rafters and you want prostyle gutter, for each fixing you must order 1 x side rafter & 1 x prostyle bracket. Rise and fall brackets do not need a further clip as these are molded to the actual bracket.

  • Available in galvanized or black plastic coated
  • Good stocks in galvanized.
  • Black on 7 days delivery.
  • Colours not available
  • If in doubt, call us or take the advise of your installer.

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