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Rectangle Shower Trays

Rectangle Shower Trays

From TMUK, leading innovators in shower trays, we offer you their stunning range of 25mm high super-low-profile shower trays. All trays boast clean lines, the very best materials & a clever use of technology to deliver the best in shower trays. Whether you want a flush to floor wetroom look without the challenges and expense of actually fitting a wet room, or simply want a stylish alternative to a traditional shower trat, TMUK have the product for you.

  • TM25 Elementary - A modern, ultra-low-profile shower tray with a unique 125x125mm adjustable square waste.
  • TM25 Elementary Anti Slip - As above but with a patented anti slip.
  • TM25 Symmetry - Ultra modern central style wetroom with a flush fitted stainless steel waste cover.
  • TM25 Symmetry Anti Slip - As above but with a patented anti slip
  • TM25 Linear - Ultra Modern Linear style wetroom look without all the fuss


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