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Screed Formers

Screed Formers

The Aqua-Grade modular wetroom system enables you to build the perfect wetroom drainage on any concrete floor, whatever its specific requirements. Colour coded modular sections click together to form any size of matrix - which you then simply fill with screed, reducing installation time by up to 50%.

Each section has the optimum gradient built in, so the ideal slope can always be achieved - eliminating pooling and saving time. Aqua-Grade is designed to be installed directly onto the sub-floor and is especially suited to uneven surfaces as it can be easily levelled by adjusting the individual feet to provide the perfect platform.

Aqua-Grade is available in standard sizes for or can be ordered in bespoke sizes as required. It is fully compatible with Aqua-Mat underfloor heating and WaterGuard and is guaranteed for life. Gravity drainage is supplied as standard.


  • Suitable for new pour concrete floors.
  • Available in various sizes.
  • Lifetime waranty.

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