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TM25 Symmetry Antislip

TM25 Symmetry Antislip

The TM25 25mm Symmetry Anti Slip tray is a unique market leader. whereas many anti-slip products need their surfaces to be reapplied regularly, the TM25 Symmetry Anti-slip surface offers a permanent lifetime guarantee. The patent protected surface also provides almost twice the industry standard of slip resistance.

It provides a wetroom look without all the associated costs of waterproofing. It is installed like a traditional shower tray but with a simple flush to the floor option.

  • Centre waste wetroom look.
  • Simple flush to floor fitting option.
  • 36 different sizes.
  • 100% Natural stone.
  • Recommended for all users including elderly, less abled and children.
  • Water removal tested to 30 litres per minute.
  • Unique square 135mm x 135mm stainless steel flush fitting waste cover (fully load-bearing).
  • Designed and made in the UK

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