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TM25 Symmetry

TM25 Symmetry

The TM25 25mm Symmetry tray gives you a wetroom look without the associated fitting costs and fitting challenges. Installed like a traditional shower tray but with a simple flush to the floor option, it's unique virtual flat surface technology and clever waste system removes all standing water from the tray at over 30 litres per minute. If you don't want it flush to the floor, there's a simple standard fitting option.

  • Centre waste wetroom look.
  • Simple flush to floor fitting option.
  • 36 different sizes.
  • 100% Natural stone.
  • Reccomended for all users including elderly, less abled and children.
  • Water removal tested to 30 litres per minute.
  • Unique square 135mm x 135mm stainless steel flush fitting waste cover (fully load bearing).
  • Designed and made in the UK

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